Order Management

After a seller has been successfully onboarded and their inventory has been uploaded to Facebook, their products are ready to be purchased by consumers.

See the Order Integration section for an abridged version of key jobs to be done when managing orders.

See the Order Lifecycle section for an explanation of the various order states and typical order flows throughout the lifetime of an order.

See Using the API for details on API access and common considerations when using any of the Order Management APIs.


Use these guides to sync and manage orders throughout their lifecycle and maximize both the buyer and seller experience.

Order API

Learn how to list orders and retrieve details about an order or product.

Fulfillment (Shipment) API

Learn how to retrieve and manage shipments, including partial shipments, for orders.

Associate Shipping Profiles with Products

Learn how to use a manual update feed to manage shipping profiles for items in a shop’s catalog feed.

Acknowledgement API

Learn how to associate a shop with an app to ensure orders are properly synced between the partner’s OMS and Meta.

Cancellation and Refund API

Learn how to retrieve and manage cancellations and refunds for orders.

Shipping Profiles API

Learn how to manage shipping profiles for a shop.

Returns API

Learn how to retrieve buyer-requested returns for orders.

Shipping Carrier Codes

Learn about supported shipping carriers.

Error Codes

Learn about the common error codes used in the Commerce Platform and how to take appropriate action.