Order Lifecycle

After a seller has been successfully onboarded and their inventory has been uploaded to Facebook, their products are ready to be purchased by consumers. The Order Management API can be used to move orders from the Commerce Platform into your service and manage their lifecycle.

This section describes the different order states, transitions, and operations:

Order State

Orders exist in multiple states.



Facebook is still processing this order. There is no action needed or possible on this order. This order may not advance to the CREATED state. FB_PROCESSING orders are for informative reasons only (i.e. to confirm to buyers that the order was placed. Buyers may choose to cancel the order during this state).


Facebook has finalized the order, the seller needs to acknowledge the order to be able to act on the order. The seller can get the orders and Acknowledge.


Order is acknowledged and moved into your order management service. This state indicates that seller has to yet ship some or all items related to order.


All items present in the order are shipped and/or cancelled.

State Transitions

Purchase Flow

All orders start in the FB_PROCESSING state. You may not take any action on orders in this state until the order has been fully processed. After the order has been successfully processed, the order is moved to the CREATED state.

Acknowledgement Flow

You can list orders available from Facebook and move CREATED orders into your order management and fulfillment service by acknowledging them. Acknowledged orders move to the IN_PROGRESS state, they are then ready to be fulfilled by the seller.

Shipment Flow

Sellers can initiate a shipment on orders in a IN_PROGRESS state. Once the shipment is confirmed with a tracking number, Facebook will pay out to the seller directly.

Cancellation Flow

Sellers can initiate a cancellation on orders that are in an IN_PROGRESS state.

Refund Flow

Sellers can initiate a refund on orders in a COMPLETED state.