Partner Integration

Meta’s Shops initiative helps businesses of all sizes connect directly with their customers on Meta technologies, get new customers, and ultimately sell more products.

A large majority of these businesses already use existing tools and apps to run their ecommerce websites, including managing their online presence across a variety of channels. Meta’s Commerce APIs enable sellers to extend their presence to Meta’s Shops product through deep integrations with Meta’s own commerce product offerings (Shops, Shop Ads, and so on).

We encourage you to read the partner integration guide offerings thoroughly and to integrate with as many elements of our Commerce APIs as possible; ideally with all of the ones relevant to your use case. This should lead to lead to stronger business outcomes for the businesses you support.

Documentation Contents


Explanations of developer role scope, buyer role considerations, high-level developer flow, and the integration quality bar expectations.

Catalog Integration

A guide to creating and managing high quality product catalogs on Meta.

Build Offers Integration

A guide to building a quality offer experience for customers.

Order Integration

A guide to providing high quality customer product ordering and post-purchase experiences.

Onboarding Integration

A guide to onboarding your sellers onto Meta Commerce using Facebook Business Extension (FBE).


A list of common terms and their definitions.