Best Practices

These best practices are designed to help you make the most effective use of the Commerce platform as you design your integration. The Commerce platform enables ecommerce solutions and retailers to deeply integrate their infrastructure with the tools available to sell their products across the Facebook family of apps, including Facebook Shops, Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping.

Common Uses

This guide consists of a number of common uses with varied, recommended best practices, where each common use:

  • Captures guidelines generally found to be beneficial by sellers who integrate with the platform
  • Is self-contained and covers the specific best practice fully on its own
  • Has some code snippet examples that illustrate the specific point of integration

The common uses documented are specific to planning your commerce integration (direct sellers and platform partners). For platform partner-specific integration uses, see Commerce Integration for Platform Partners.

Documentation Contents

We recommend that you read the contents with a focus on the topic that best suits your needs.

Familiarity with Commerce Platform developer documentation is useful, though not required for understanding the best practices outlined in this guide.

Plan Your Integration

Common uses for planning your commerce integration for direct sellers and platform partners.


Common uses for managing your product inventory.


Commons uses for order management.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Common uses for managing shipping profiles and fulfillment orders on your commerce account.


Common uses for a post-purchase customer experience.


Common uses for drops (also known as product launch).