Researcher Platform

The Researcher Platform provides a secure way for qualified users to access privacy-protected Facebook and Instagram data. It is built with validated privacy and security protections, such as data access controls, and has been penetration-tested by internal and external security professionals.

The Researcher Platform runs a modified version of Jupyter, an open source tool that supports multiple standard statistical packages including SQL, Python, and R, as well as a bridge to Facebook Graph APIs. Once a researcher applies and is approved to use the Researcher Platform, they gain access to a virtual data clean room where data can be analyzed, and in some instances joined, under defined guidelines and restrictions that keep the data secure.

Documentation contents


Explanations of core concepts and usage requirements.

Features and workflows

Descriptions of and instructions for using various Researcher Platform features that support your research goals.


General FAQs plus instructions for getting help.


Changes made to Researcher Platform over time. We recommend that you periodically check here for any new announcements and release notes.