This page documents changes made to Researcher Platform over time. We recommend that you periodically check here for any new announcements and release notes.

August 2023

The Asynchronous queries feature was added to Researcher Platform. This feature decouples query submission from the fetching of query results, enabling you to run queries in the background while you continue working in your Jupyter notebooks or doing other tasks.

June 2022

The following new features have been added to Researcher Platform:


GPU server option

While CPUs handle a wide variety of tasks quickly, GPUs are better for applications that require parallel processing of large amounts of data, including mathematical computation. For your Jupyter notebook server, you can choose the type of server that is best for your work.

Export Jupyter notebooks

You can export your Jupyter notebooks in a way that keeps the code intact, but scrubs the outputs in conformance with privacy rules.

Install Python packages yourself

You can install Python packages available in the Python Package Index (PyPi) into your Jupyter environment using the Pip package manager class.

Install R packages yourself

You can install R packages into your Jupyter environment using our Conda and CRAN package manager classes.