Meta Content Library and API

Welcome to Meta Content Library and API. This page provides a broad-level overview of these products and acquaints you with the documentation resources that are available. To learn about obtaining access, see Get Access.

  • Content Library: a web-based tool that allows researchers to explore and understand data across Facebook and Instagram by offering a comprehensive visual and searchable collection of publicly accessible content. Learn more about Content Library.

  • Content Library API: an API for querying and analyzing Meta's full public content archive. The API supports data analysis in Python and R in Meta's Researcher Platform, a secure digital cleanroom. VPN connection is required for Researcher Platform. The API can also be used in an approved third-party cleanroom. Each third-party cleanroom environment has its own user interface, the documentation of which is outside the scope of Meta Content Library and API documentation. Learn more about Content Library API.

Content Library and API are controlled-access environments and do not allow data to be exported to a researcher’s own machine for analysis. You can perform deeper analysis of the public content from the library by using Content Library API in Researcher Platform or in an approved third-party cleanroom environment.

Content Library highlights

Searching and filtering

Searching all public posts across Facebook or Instagram is easy with comprehensive sorting and filtering options. Post results can be filtered by language, view count, media type, content producer and more. Search results can be shown in card view or table view.


Photos, videos and reels are available for dynamic search, exploration and analysis.

Producer lists

You can apply custom producer lists to a search query to surface public content from specific creators on Facebook or Instagram.

Trends in posts created

Researchers can explore a graph showing a normalized trend of how often content matching their search keywords was posted on Facebook and Instagram within their chosen date range.

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Content Library API highlights

Endpoints and data fields

With eight dedicated endpoints, Content Library API searches over 100 data fields across Instagram accounts and posts, and Facebook Pages, posts, comments, profiles, groups and events.

Search indexing and results

The API has powerful search capabilities and can return up to 100,000 results per query.

Asynchronous search

In addition to synchronous search, you can submit asynchronous queries in Content Library API. This means a search can run in the background while you submit other queries or work on other tasks.

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Researcher Platform highlights

Researcher Platform is a virtual data cleanroom that provides secure access to Facebook and Instagram datasets and tools designed for researchers.

Free computation

Computation and data analysis on Researcher Platform are free. The platform supports researchers collaborating on terabyte- to petabyte-scale datasets.

JupyterHub environment

Researcher Platform runs a modified, access-controlled version of JupyterHub—an open source tool that supports R, Python, SQL and a range of standard statistical packages. It offers both CPU and GPU servers.

Research outputs

You can export your research outputs under agreed-upon terms and conditions. Research outputs can consist of code, figures, tables, graphs and statistics.

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