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Introducing ‘Instagram Explore home’ Ads Placements via Instagram Marketing API

November 11, 2022ByHuan Wang

We now allow for ads in Instagram Explore home via the Instagram Marketing API. This new ads placement will be available on all current Marketing API versions, and does not require an upgrade.

This will not require the use of a new endpoint; the ‘Instagram Explore home’ placement option will be available via the current Marketing API endpoint you may already be familiar with, through the addition of the INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME placement option. Using this new addition, you will be able to update your app to enable your clients to create and preview ads in Instagram Explore home via API.

Key Details

This feature update will enable the following three capabilities / use cases via the Marketing API.

  1. Ads creation: Developers will be able to use "INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME" as one of the placement options when creating ads
  2. Ads insights: When breaking down insights by Placement level, it will be possible to see how ads perform via Instagram Explore home placement
  3. Ad preview: Developers will be able to fetch the preview in the INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_GRID_HOME format

We will update the developer documentation with all technical details related to this update.