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Launching Access Verification Process for Tech Provider Apps

June 2, 2022ByKelly Stonelake Kreishman

In line with our efforts to maintain a thriving developer ecosystem, we are introducing a new process known as access verification. This process will help us better identify and serve businesses on the Meta Platform that integrate with other businesses and their assets, otherwise known as Tech Providers.

What is access verification?

Access verification is a process through which Tech Providers are required to share details about their business and how their app is used by other businesses. The submitted details are then verified by Meta with the goal of determining if a business is operating as a Tech Provider and requires access to Meta business data owned by their clients. The access verification process is required for both new and existing businesses that have created apps that will access data owned by other businesses on Meta platforms. Learn more about access verification.

Completing access verification

Access verification will be gradually rolled out to eligible businesses in monthly waves starting in 2022. These businesses will be notified by email and developer alert when they must complete this process, at which point the business admins for the respective apps will be required to go through the access verification process.

After business admins submit for access verification, they will receive a follow-up developer alert that notifies the outcome of their review or if any additional actions are required. We anticipate that this will typically take five business days and the process status will be reflected in basic settings.

Existing Businesses

Existing businesses with apps that have been granted advanced access to these permissions will need to complete this process within 60 days to maintain their access.

If these businesses are not able to complete access verification within the 60 day period, API calls will gradually begin to fail. A business admin will still be able to complete access verification at any time.

New Businesses

New businesses that need access to other business’ business data will need to complete business verification and submit for App Review before they are able to complete the access verification process.

Learn more about access verification.