Conversion Leads CRM Integration

You may already have Meta's Conversions API set up for your business to upload server events for your web traffic. If you are using Facebook/Instagram to generate leads for your business to convert into a sale, you can also use the Conversions API to upload offline events from your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This is generally a separate integration from your current Conversions API setup because the required parameters are different and the data comes from your CRM system rather than your web servers.

Integrating your CRM and using the Conversion Leads optimization goal may yield higher quality leads that are more likely to convert. This optimization goal is currently only compatible with Facebook/Instagram's Lead Ads (Instant Forms).

You should already have an integration established to download leads from Meta to your CRM (highlighted in green in the figure below). This end-to-end guide will walk you through the CRM integration process to send downfunnel event data from your CRM back to Meta (highlighted in red in the figure below).

Check If Your Business Is a Good Fit

Before you begin working on the Conversion Leads integration, you should check if your business will be a good fit for the optimization model. Below are some guidelines that we look for in integrations.

  • Use Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads (Instant Forms)
  • Ensure the 15-16 digit Meta Lead ID is mapped to your CRM
  • Generate at least 200 leads per month
  • Can upload data regularly at least once per day
  • The lead stage you want to optimize for occurs within 28 days of leads being generated
  • The lead stage you want to optimize for has a conversion rate between 1% - 40%.

Plan Your Project Timeline

If you believe your business is a good fit for the optimization, you may use this estimated timeline to plan the project. Estimated time to value for the project is 3 months based on historical data. However, the actual timeline can vary as some advertisers can finish the integration in about one month or delays can push this project to several months. The timeline is contingent on available resources to make decisions and address problems with the integration.

SectionDescriptionTask OwnerEst. Time Duration

1: Connecting Your CRM With Lead Ads

Automatically download leads from Facebook



2: Getting Started With the CRM Integration

Create or choose a Meta Pixel for CRM events


0.25 hrs

3: Implementing the CRM Integration

Connect your CRM via the Conversions API


3-4 weeks*

4: Verify your data

Wait for data validation


1 week

5: Configure Your Sales Funnel

Configure sales funnel events within your CRM


0.5 hrs

6: Follow-up Steps

Wait for funnel analysis and training period**


1-2 months

Run fully optimized Conversions Lead Ads campaigns


Total time to value

~3 months

* Time duration for this step can be reduced by using a partner integration.
** You may run Conversions Lead Ads campaigns during the training period, but will not benefit from the full performance lift until it is complete.

Roles and Responsibilities

Outlined below are the roles that will need to be involved in the project. Note that some roles may be consolidated or separated depending on your organization.


Marketing and Sales Team

  • Generally the role that initiates the project and identifies the required personnel in the organization needed to complete the integration.
  • Have intimate knowledge of the marketing and sales process to define the funnel.
  • Have necessary permissions to perform tasks in Meta's Ads Manager and Events Manager.
  • Build the integration between your CRM and Meta, if proceeding with a partner integration, such as Zapier.

CRM Admin

  • Have intimate knowledge of the CRM's fields and its capabilities.
  • Create new custom fields and flows within CRM, if needed.
  • Support marketer and developer throughout the integration.


  • Build the integration between your CRM and Meta, if proceeding with the manual integration.
  • Ensure the manual integration is functioning correctly.