Use these guides to help you perform common actions with your catalog setup.

Product Categories

Learn more about the catalog fields that describe the type or category of commerce products in your listing.

Product Variants

Learn more about product variants and how to use them in your product catalog.


Learn how to manage your catalog inventory.

Feed API

Learn how to upload inventory, handle feed upload errors, and download a product feed errors report.

Product Deep Links

Learn more how to use deep link information in your feed.

Scheduled Feeds

Learn now to schedule data feed uploads and fetches.

Microdata Tags

Learn how to use OpenGraph,, and JSON-LD for protocols to set microdata tags in your catalog feed file.

Metadata Tags

Learn how to set metadata tags in your product feed files.

Localized Catalogs

Learn how to set up your catalog for localized shopping with multiple languages and countries. See also Localized Catalog Setup, Localized Catalog for Advantage+ Catalog Ads and Localized Catalog for Instagram Shopping.