A Facebook product catalog is an object (or container) of information about your products and where you can upload your inventory. Learn more about product catalog.

Common Uses

  • Collection Ads — Use them in immersive formats.
  • Commerce — Distribute products in Marketplace.
  • Advantage+ Catalog Ads — Feature products in different formats to be served dynamically as personalized ads.
  • Instagram Shopping — Feature in Instagram Shopping experiences, such as product tags on Instagram and soon on Instagram Shops.
  • WhatsApp — Feature in conversational commerce in WhatsApp.

Documentation Contents


Learn more about product catalog and its components.

Get Started

Learn how to successfully set up a catalog for commerce or Advantage+ catalog ads, and more.


Learn more about the various guides and how to use them in your product catalog.

Best Practices

Tips for using catalog effectively.


Product specifications and endpoint references.


Solutions to common problems and troubleshooting tips.