Quick links

Quick access to topics of interest to users of both Meta Content Library and Meta Content Library API:

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about Content Library and API.

Get help

How to contact us for help with Content Library and API questions and issues.

Get access

How to get access to Content Library and API.

Advanced search

Advanced search options including Boolean operators, using multiple operators, and grouping.


Guidelines for citing Content Library tools and datasets in your publications.

Rate limiting and query budgeting

Rate limits and query budget that apply to each product and to each researcher.

Search quality approach

Detailed information about how search works in Content Library and API, including caveats and known issues.

Data dictionary

Description of the data names displayed in the Content Library web UI and the corresponding API fields returned in Content Library API search responses.

Get API code

Instructions for using the Get API code tool to capture search parameters in Content Library as Python or R code that can be used in Content Library API.