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Introducing Required Actions Dashboard for Developers

November 8, 2023BySteve Dilla

Updated March 19, 2024

Launched last year in closed beta, we’re excited to share that Required actions dashboard will be available to most app administrators in April 2024!

As part of ongoing investments to simplify how developers manage their apps on our developer platform, the new Required actions dashboard - accessible directly in the developer console header - empowers app administrators, particularly those who manage many apps, by aggregating all upcoming required actions for their portfolio into one consolidated view.

If you haven’t gotten started with Required actions dashboard yet, we encourage you to hop in to prepare for any upcoming required actions, or just to explore.

What’s changing?

Previously, app administrators relied on the App Dashboard to view and respond to required actions such as Data Use Checkup, the Data Protection Assessment, app reviews, and more. However, the App Dashboard provides administrators with visibility into one app at a time.

In contrast, Required actions dashboard aggregates all incomplete required actions (including past due actions) into a single point-in-time view, providing app administrators with enhanced visibility into platform obligations across the portfolio they manage, and ultimately helping prevent missed tasks.

App administrators can navigate to and use Required actions dashboard directly from the main developer console header. From the dashboard, you’ll be able to see important details to help you understand what actions are required, when to respond to each of them, and the status of the app(s) these actions pertain to.

Required actions dashboard graphic

Why are we launching Required actions dashboard?

Developers navigate a number of requirements to maintain apps on our platform - especially app administrators who manage many apps. Required actions dashboard is one example of ongoing investments we're making to simplify app management and improve the developer experience, beginning with transparency.

What’s next?

We will continue to explore enhancements and UI improvements to make Required actions dashboard more useful to app administrators.

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Who can use Required actions dashboard?

Required actions dashboard will be available to most app administrators in April 2024. Only app administrators can use Required actions dashboard.

How do I know if I have access to Required actions dashboard?

No actions are required on your end to obtain access.

To use the dashboard, simply log in to (DFC). If you have access, you will see Required actions dashboard in the console header.

What should I use Required actions dashboard for?

Required actions dashboard is a consolidated view of all incomplete required actions (includes upcoming and past due) across all apps that you are app administrator for.

If you’d like a granular view of required actions for one app at a time, use the required actions tab within the My Apps container.