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Page Insights API Updates

December 14, 2023ByAlex Chang

As we migrate from Classic Pages to the new Page experience on Facebook, we will be deprecating a number of Page Insights API metrics. Below we will include the details that are relevant to the developer community. These changes include notifications on deprecations that we believe are relevant to your application(s)’ integration with our platform.

For a complete list of all changes and their details, please visit our changelog.

Deprecations & Breaking Changes

Page Insights API changes - metrics deprecation

With the migration of all Facebook Pages to the new Pages experience, the Page Insights tab for classic Pages has been fully deprecated as of November 1, 2023. As part of this deprecation we are also deprecating 89 Page Insights metrics.

We are providing a 90-day notice to developers that these deprecations will be implemented on March 14, 2024, to give ample time to make any changes that are needed in preparation for this update. Once they are deprecated, the API will return an invalid metric error when calling any of these metrics. To avoid disruption to your business, please review the list of deprecated metrics to ensure your business transitions from using these.

With these updates, we are improving the quality of the metrics we are providing for the new Pages experience on Facebook and reducing confusion and inconsistencies that may have resulted from these deprecated metrics.