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Enabling Developers to Optimize Content Performance: Introducing Facebook Organic A/B Testing API for Reels and Videos

November 16, 2023ByTeddy Adelise

Today we’re releasing Facebook Organic A/B Testing API, an enterprise API solution for developers to programmatically test their content by running an A/B test experiment across new video and reel posts on Facebook Pages and New Pages Experience (AP+) only. The API enables the feature from a third-party desktop app and web experience.

This tool can help optimize post's performance. Analyze what kinds of content an audience responds to the best and discover trends so that informed decisions about future posts can be made. This API allows developers to empower creators by maximizing the distribution of their video content on Facebook, and learn through insights what changes can be made to improve the distribution.

This unlocks a whole new world of use cases that can benefit creators and businesses. And for developers, this opens up new opportunities for you to help your customers transform their businesses.

Limitations apply, please refer to the Developer Documents for more info.

Driving Better Engagement with A/B Testing

Facebook Organic A/B testing API lets you test up to four variants of a new post against each other to see which one your audience likes most. The variants are versions of a post that differ from each other, for instance the same video with four different titles. During the test, the posts are circulated to a subset of your audience, but not posted to your Page. When the test ends, the winning post is published on your Page and distributed to your full audience.

The optimization metrics are: Reels Plays, Comments, Shares, Reactions, Impressions, Impressions Unique, Link clicks, Video Views 60s, Average Time Watched.

Why Should Developers Integrate with Facebook Organic A/B Testing API?

  • Capture Key Audience Insights That Inform Content Strategy: Users could be able to create more engaging videos that resonate with a diverse audience.
  • Scale Content Performance Programmatically: Empower users to improve content performance at low cost.
  • Leverage One Implementation To Help Drive Results Across Video And Reel Formats: Through one API integration, you can help enable the performance enhancement of two different content formats: Reel and Video.

Who is this Product for?

Content creation platforms that provide enhanced tooling for video creation and editing through the use of templates, subtitles, editing backgrounds, etc. These partners aim to make video editing smart, accessible, and collaborative.

Social media management platforms that support various social network integrations to help manage, schedule, post and optimize content on behalf of users, companies, and brands.

Large publishers and enterprise creators who develop an in-house social media management tool that can directly integrate and publish content on Meta platforms.

We’re excited to announce this launch with our partner, Jellysmack, who has already integrated Facebook Organic A/B Testing API. Jellysmack is a technology company that helps creators grow their communities and maximize their earnings across multiple social media platforms.

If you are a developer interested in integrating with the Facebook Reels API, please refer to the Developer Documents for more info.