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Introducing a New Metric to the Page Insights API

April 12, 2023ByAlex Enriquez

As Pages grow in size and relevance for businesses, it becomes increasingly important for them to track how their content performs across the Facebook platform. Based on partner feedback, we’ve identified the need to include more robust insights about crossposted and shared videos, which will now be available via the new metric: page_video_views_by_uploaded_hosted.

This metric will give businesses the ability to understand the view count of videos posted, shared, or crossposted to their own Page in addition to their videos that are shared or crossposted to other Pages.

All existing filters for the /insights endpoint, (i.e. date range) will still be available and can be added to the request.

The response has the following structure:

    "data": [
            "name": "page_video_views_by_uploaded_hosted",
            "period": "{period}",
            "values": [
                    "value": {
                        "page_uploaded": 0,
                        "page_uploaded_from_crossposts": 0,
                        "page_uploaded_from_shares": 0,
                        "page_hosted_crosspost": 0,
                        "page_hosted_share": 0,
                        "page_owned": 0
                    "end_time": "2022-10-02T07:00:00+0000"
            "title": {title},
            "description": "{description}",
            "id": "{page_id}/insights/{metric_name}/{period}"
    "paging": {
        "previous": {link_to_previous},
        "next": {link_to_next},

Understanding the Response

The new metric brings many fields in a single response, you can guide yourself with these equivalences:

  • page_uploaded: Views of videos posted by your Page, including shares and crossposts of them to other pages
  • page_uploaded_from_crossposts: Views of videos crossposted to other pages
  • page_uploaded_from_shares: Views of videos shared to other pages
  • page_hosted_crosspost: Views on your Page of videos that have been crossposted from other pages
  • page_hosted_share: Views on your Page of videos that have been shared from other pages
  • page_owned: Views on your Page of videos that were originally posted on your Page

This new metric will facilitate getting a better understanding of how your content is being consumed among your Page and other pages it was crossposted or shared to.

Additional resources

If you have not yet integrated with the Page Insights API, here are some resources and guides to get started: