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Instagram Reels API Bundle Launch: Parity Gap Closure of Collab Post, Organic Insights, and Early Detection of Copyright

October 30, 2023ByMuyuan Liu, Jas Shou and Eddy Lee

Today, the Instagram API team plans to launch a few improvements to the Instagram Reels API to match the experience with the direct application as well as with the Facebook Video API. The team will launch the following projects on the Instagram Reels API:

  • Support for Collaboration Posts: This launch will allow third party platform users to utilize this existing Instagram native feature available, which currently allows users to invite and collaborate with other users/accounts for feed posts, carousel, and reels (but not stories).
  • Expansion of Organic Reels insights: This launch will add more metrics to be aligned with the consistency and accuracy of Insights on Reels.
  • Early copyright detection: Similar to the feature already existing on Instagram native and Facebook Video API, users will be able to leverage this API feature to detect if a copyright check would block their media after publish.

Our goal here is to continue to improve the user experience of Instagram Reels on third party platforms by matching the user experience of interfacing directly Instagram as well as with Facebook Video API.

We plan on launching all of these features as of October 30, 2023.

We appreciate all the feedback that we’ve received from our developer community, and look forward to continuing to work together.

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