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Workplace Integrations

April 19, 2017ByAstha Agarwal

Today we’re announcing new integrations and partnerships for companies to improve their day-to-day workflows, ensure regulatory compliance and enable richer communication using Live video.

Workplace is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Organizations of all sizes can use familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages and events to get work done. 14,000 businesses are using Workplace, on every continent including Antarctica.

New Integrations

Files and documents are a critical part of daily work life. Our new integrations with some of the world's leading enterprise cloud services to make it easier to share, preview and organize files, documents, and work with customer records. With these integrations, we’re making it simpler for teams to share ideas and collaborate inside Workplace.


Build Custom Workflows with Bots

Bots have become a simple and powerful way for people to interact with services they use day-to-day. Starting today, Workplace customers can build bots that allow people to interact with other tools and services from within Workplace.

People can interact with Workplace bots in groups as well as in chat. In groups, you can @mention a bot to initiate a task or workflow. The bot can take action and reply back with relevant information. In chat, you can message a bot to request information or take an action. Bots can also start conversations to send you important notifications.

Our own teams have built over 100 bots to improve day-to-day workflows at Facebook. For example:

  • Our recruiting team built a Work Chat bot that sends interviewers a notification 30 minutes before a scheduled interview with all the information they need to provide a great candidate experience.
  • Teams are quickly able to create tasks in our internal tool by mentioning a bot in group posts or comments.
  • When guests sign in at reception, a bot notifies the host so they can go and meet their guest.

Here is an example of a bot a company could build to log a repair.


To make it easy to build bots for Workplace, we have a number of bot platform partners who are launching support for Workplace.

Security and Compliance Integrations

To help companies comply with industry regulations and manage business risk, we're announcing partnerships with several of the industry's leading cloud compliance, e-discovery and data loss prevention providers.

Companies with more specific business requirements can now subscribe to webhooks to manage activity on Workplace in real-time.

Workplace Live API

Live video is fundamentally changing how companies communicate. We've seen teams broadcast their weekly meetings, companies move training and webinars into Workplace and CEOs stream live Q&As to their entire workforce.

Sometimes, these events need higher production value than a smartphone can provide. So today, we're announcing support for streaming Live into Workplace over RTMP.

Because the Workplace Live API is based on the Facebook Live API, it's already supported by a wide range of hardware and software encoders.

Using this API, BlueJeans are making it possible for their customers to stream fully-featured video meetings directly to Workplace.

We're also announcing Live Production Partners. These partners bring deep expertise in producing professional quality live streams.

Getting started

Head over to and get started with Workplace today. Then start building and improving workflows for your organization. You can find the technical documentation at: