Processes and Terminology

Data Use Checkup (DUC)

The Data Use Checkup is required for developers whose apps have been published live with a use case, or have advanced access to permissions or features.

DUC is an annual assessment that evaluates whether a developer’s continued use of and access to data via Meta APIs is in compliance with Meta’s Platform Terms and Developer Policies. The assessment is focused on the permissions that the app has access to. Data Use Checkup also includes data handling questions (see below).

Learn more about data use checkup here.

Data Handling Questions

Completing data handling questions is required for:

Apps that require access to use cases, permissions or features (for some apps this is called advanced access). Apps that have been published live with a use case, or that have advanced access to permissions or features. This must be completed annually as part of the Data Use Checkup (DUC).

These questions are designed to validate that data received from Meta will be processed and transferred securely and in compliance with Meta’s Platform Terms and Developer Policies. You may be asked to complete data handling questions as part of your Data Use Checkup.

Learn more about data handling questions here.

App Review

App Review enables us to verify that your app uses our Products and APIs in an approved manner. It is a process that gates access to certain permissions, requiring developers to submit a request to justify platform access. As part of the review process we will test your app to verify that its use of the requested permissions and features follow the permissible usage.

If your app will be used by anyone without a role on the app or a role in a Business Portfolio that is associated with the app where advanced access is required, it must undergo App Review.

Learn more about App Review here.

Data Protection Assessment

Data Protection Assessment is a requirement for apps live with use cases or accessing advanced permissions that is designed to assess how developers use, share and protect Platform Data as described in the Meta Platform Terms. When enrolled, an administrator of the app will need to complete a questionnaire based on their app’s access to Platform Data.

You will receive a required action notification in your developer dashboard when it’s time for you to complete the assessment. If you miss this communication, you will also see notifications about the Data Protection Assessment on your App Dashboard.

Ongoing Reviews

To keep the Meta platform and community safe, and in accordance with our Platform Terms, we periodically review apps for compliance with data and general platform policies by evaluating the user experience your app provides and how your app is using its current permissions, features, and products. This review can happen at any time.

Meta subjects all apps that are published with use cases, permissions, features, or any other advanced access to Platform Data, including app user data, to ongoing reviews unless specifically exempt.

Required Actions

Required actions are notifications that alert an app admin that an action is needed. This can vary from submitting additional information, completing a verification, fixing something, and more. Each required action has a deadline. If the required action is not completed before the deadline, the app will be subjected to an enforcement.

Examples of required actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Responding to notifications of violations of applicable terms or policies Meta’s terms and policies and terms

  • Responding to requests to provide information

  • Following instructions related to upcoming assessments or reviews

  • Making sure to submit information within a provided deadline