Responsible Platform Initiatives

Meta is dedicated to establishing a secure and sustainable platform that builds trust with end users and adds long-term value for developers. We recognize that the global policy landscape is constantly evolving. Our policies are created with this in mind. When developers follow Meta’s responsible platform initiatives, they are able to build trust with their users, mitigate risks, and deliver reliable security.

Meta’s responsible platform initiatives require developers to be transparent about how they use and handle user data responsibly. We understand that user trust is crucial and being open about how we use data is the key to building and maintaining that trust. Consumer concerns about data privacy are growing. Companies that invest in transparent practices can more effectively earn and build trust.

Meta’s responsible platform initiatives provide developers with a framework to mitigate risks. Today, data breaches can have severe consequences, and compliance with data security standards can help to safeguard sensitive information and prevent costly repercussions.

Additionally, Meta offers guidelines on data usage and user privacy, outlining the types of data developers can collect and how it can be used. These guidelines undergo regular updates and checks, ensuring that they reflect the latest changes in the privacy landscape. Meta also conducts audits of developer applications to ensure adherence with Meta’s Platform Terms. This commitment supports developers in delivering reliable security to their end users.

Meta’s responsible platform initiatives were created with the goals of helping developers build trust, mitigate risks and ensure reliable security. The various processes integrated into our initiatives are designed to address these goals in diverse ways. Meta is committed to continuously building a safer, more sustainable platform and developer experience.

Documentation Contents

Processes and Terminology

An overview of all the processes and their differences, along with other important terms you should know.


A list of available tools and resources to leverage throughout the responsible platform initiatives process.