App Review

App Review is an important part of the app development process. It enables Meta to verify that your app uses our products and APIs in an approved manner.

If your app will be used by anyone without a Role on the app or a role in a Business that has claimed the app, it must first undergo App Review. If your app will only be used by app users who have a role on the app itself, App Review is not required.

Permissions that have been approved through App Review can be requested from any app user, but unapproved permissions can only be requested from app users who have a role on the requesting app. Similarly, approved features are active for all app users, but unapproved features are only active for users with a role on the app.

As part of the review process we will test your app to verify that it actually uses the permissions and features you are requesting. If we are unable to access your app to test it, your entire submission will be rejected. If we are able to test your app but cannot test functionality that requires a specific permission or feature that you are requesting, you will not be approved for that permission or feature.

The following video provides a brief overview of the App Review process:

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An in-depth explanation of the App Review process.

Best Practices

Guidelines to help you create a successful App Review submission.

App Review Tutorial

Tips to help improve the quality of your App Review submission.

App Review FAQs

Help in case your submission contains rejections.

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