App Review - Content

App Review consists of two main components - app verification and permissions review. An app will need to pass both these components to get access to the requested permissions and features. Starting on or after June 12th, 2023, if your app requires advanced level access to permissions or features, you will need to complete business verification and data handling questions as part of the app review process.

App Verification

App verification is primarily focused on the app experience. During this part of App Review, our reviewers will test if the app works, follows the use cases described, and meets the bar for quality of user experience. The app verification part of app review will require you to provide a version of your app and instructions to test your app.

Permissions Review

Under the permissions review section, our reviewers will check that you have only requested permissions and features that are necessary for the app. To apply for permissions, visit the app review section and click requests. This will bring up a list of advanced permissions and features you can request for your app.

Business Verification

Starting in 2023, your business must go through business verification and be verified in order to complete app review. After you request a permission, a pop-up window will appear indicating your business verification status. If you are already verified, you will be able to continue through the process. If not, you will be asked to complete business verification under your security settings.

Data Handling Questions

If your app is already verified in the business verification process, you may be prompted to complete data handling questions before providing your app testing instructions. Learn more about data handling questions here.

App Settings

The app settings tab will allow you to upload your app icon, your privacy policy URL, app category, and business email. You will also need to provide the platforms that your app will be available on (website, iOs store, etc.) This step is necessary to submit your app for App Review.