Ways to Get Opt-Ins

Pages can only send opt-in messages if the conversation is user-initiated.

The following entry points allow users to initiate conversations with Pages, so they can receive opt-in messages for Marketing Messages.

m.me Links

m.me links are shortened URLs that redirect users to Messenger. These links can be included in websites, emails, and social media posts.

Chat Plugin

Chat Plugin integrates websites with Messenger. Users can sign up for Marketing Messages by initiating the conversation using the chat plugin on your website.

Checkbox Plugin

The Checkbox Plugin is used for forms on your website. Once the user clicks on the checkbox, the Page will have context of what the user is interested in so they can send an opt-in request to the user. This is a contextual way for users to opt-in to Marketing Messages.

Private Replies

Pages can reply with one message using Private Replies to a comment or post within 7 days of its posting date. This message then gives the user the opportunity to opt-in to Marketing Messages.

Send to Messenger Plugin

Users can use Send to Messenger plugin to initiate conversations with a Page from a website. The CTA button on the website is chosen from a list of predefined CTA text. Once the user clicks the button, the Page can send the user an opt-in request.

QR Codes

m.me links with ref parameters can be embedded into QR Codes. These QR codes can be used both in digital and print messages to send Marketing Messages to users.

Ads That Click to Messenger

Pages can use Ads that Click to Messenger to run campaigns. The opt-in request is sent to the user once the user clicks on the ad.