Reference Documentation

These docs provide a detailed reference for Messenger Platform components, including detailed lists of properties, as well as example and requests and responses.

Integration Components



Webhook Events

Track the following actions:

  • messages – A Page receives a message from a person or other Page
  • message_deliveries – A message that a Page has sent has been delivered
  • message_echoes – A Page receives a copy of the message that the Page has sent
  • message_reads – The message a Page has sent has been read by the recipient
  • messaging_account_linking – The Link Account or Unlink Account button have been tapped
  • messaging_game_plays – A person played a round of Instant Games
  • messaging_handovers – The ownership of a conversation has changed from one app to another
  • messaging_optins – A person has opted in to receiving marketing messages from a Page
  • messaging_policy_enforcement – A policy enforcement action will be or is taken on an app
  • messaging_postbacks – A person clicks a postback or Get Started button, or persistent menu item
  • messaging_referrals – A person sends a message in an existing conversation with a Page via an link, an ad, or a chat plugin
  • standby – A Page receives a message but the app is not the current owner of the conversation