Use these guides to help you perform common actions on your ads with the Marketing API.

New features have been added to the Marketing API as well. We invite you to explore these features and determine if they can assist you in creating more effective advertisements.

Manage Your Ad Object's Status

Learn how to archive and delete ad campaigns, ad sets and ads.

JavaScript Ads Dialog for Payments

Learn how to provide a Facebook Ad Payments dialog in your own user interfaces.

Asynchronous and Batch Requests

Use asynchronous requests to create ads and send numerous ads requests without having to block. With batched requests, combine a number of Graph API calls into the one HTTP request.

New Feature: Reservation

Reservation enables you to plan and buy your campaigns with a fixed cost, offering optimized reach and controlled ad frequency while helping you forecast your campaign's performance.

New Feature: Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Ads that click to WhatsApp send people that click on your ads directly into conversations with your business in WhatsApp. Use these ads to reach people at scale and deliver standout, individualized service.

New Feature: Ads that Click to Messenger

Ads that click to Messenger send people that click on your ads directly into conversations with your business in Messenger.

New Feature: Ads that Click to Instagram

Ads that click to Instagram support ads with an image, a video, a carousel, or a slideshow. You can also include call prompts in your ad.

New Feature: Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ shopping campaigns is a solution that enables ecommerce and retail direct-to-consumer and brand advertisers to potentially achieve better performance, greater personalization and more efficiency.

New Feature: Shops Ads

Shops ads helps to improve your ad performance by sending potential customers to either your website or your shop, depending on where we think they are more likely to make a purchase.