Use these guides to help you perform common actions with your Instagram Ads.

Set Up Instagram Accounts On Business Manager

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook's Business Manager. Learn how to get your Instagram account ID.

Set Up Instagram Accounts With Pages

Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. Or create a "shadow" Instagram account to run your ads. Learn how to get your Instagram account ID.

Add Call-To-Action

As an option, you can provide a call-to-action in for your ad. You can choose from several CTA buttons.

Get Ad Preview

Get a preview of your ad for existing and new ads.

Get Ad Insights

Use the Insights API to get stats on your Instagram Ads.

Use Posts as Instagram Ads

Learn how to create an Instagram Stream or Story ad from a post.

Post Moderation

Use this API to access Instagram Stream ads, add new comments, check the comments by viewers, and delete certain comments.

Instagram Dynamic Ads

Learn to create dynamic ad templates for Dynamic Ads with Instagram placements.

URL Tags For Tracking

You can track performance of a campaign by using the url_tags of an ad creative to distinguish different objects.

Story Specific Guides

Customize Stories

If you transform a non 9:16 ad creative into a full-screen story format, you can edit the generated background colors.

Add Interactive Elements

You can add interactive polling sticker so people can engage in your Instagram Stories ads.