Instant Games

Instant Games users can find and play games directly in the Feed or Messenger conversations, on both desktop and on their mobile devices.

Approved Partner Program Applications for Instant Games Open to All Developers

The application process for the previously announced Facebook Instant Games Approved Partner Program is now open to all developers. As part of our continued efforts to enhance platform integrity, only Approved Partners may submit games to the Instant Games platform moving forward. After June 9th, 2021 only Approved Partners will have titles on the platform. As a second step, all new games must be submitted for a quality review after you are an Approved Partner. All games that are currently live will be automatically enqueued for review. For more information, read the blog post.

First Steps

Documentation Contents

Instant Games Playbook

Download the step-by-step guide to finding success on the Instant Games platform.

Get Started

Learn how to build an Instant Game.

Compatible Game Engines

Use popular game engines to build your Instant Game in HTML5.

Game Performance

Monitor key metrics with Facebook Business Suite Insights.

Quality Guidelines

Learn about the quality standards that your Instant Game must meet.


Get answers to questions about developing, managing, and monetizing Instant Games.

Rooms Co-Play

Integrate your Instant Game into Facebook Rooms.

Haptic Feedback

Support haptic feedback in your Instant Game.

Instant Games Reference

View reference material for the Instant Games JavaScript SDK and the bundle configuration JSON file.