Game Quality Guidelines

In addition to complying with Facebook’s Developer Policies and Platform Terms, all submitted games must pass an additional Quality Review to be allowed entry to the Instant Games Platform.

Developers must ensure that all of their approved games continue to adhere to these guidelines. Repeated or egregious violations of quality guidelines may result in the developer being removed from the Instant Games platform.

Honesty and Promotion

Games must be transparent and honest about the gaming experience they are providing to players.

  • Games should be accurately labeled by genre.
  • Games should be your own original creation and not mimic or copy existing games.
  • Games should not be emulators of modern or retro games.
  • Games should not use any misleading imagery or content to falsely lead the player into choosing a game that is irrelevant in its offering.

Self Contained

All games should be a destination and entertaining experience within itself.

  • All related game assets should be consolidated into a single original game rather than being submitted as multiple reskinned versions of a game.
  • Games should not serve primarily as ads nor should they be used primarily as a means to cross-promote other games.
  • In-App Purchases (IAP) should provide meaningful and rich experiences for the player.
  • In-App Ads (IAA) should not appear before the user has experienced a reasonable amount of gameplay.
  • Cross-promotion, IAP, and IAA should all adhere to our technical documentation.
  • Games should not post more than one Custom Updates to a context until another player has responded.

Understanding and Usability

All games should be accessible and functional, providing entertainment for players without hindering their experience by frequent game errors or unclear functionality.

  • Games should load quickly and be stable.
  • Games should have clear goals and tutorials so the player understands how to progress and understands the game or level objectives.
  • Games should be localized.
  • Games should not have frequent errors, slow button or interaction response, or unclear functionality.

User Experience and Aesthetics

All games should be fun, polished, and provide rich gameplay experiences for players.

  • Games should provide the player with appropriate levels of challenge and reward.
  • Games should be maintained and continue to provide value to the player through new content such as new levels, additional story elements, or thematic or aesthetic updates.
  • Game visuals should be polished, at the appropriate aspect ratio, and without distortion.