Get Started With Instant Games

This section contains guides on the basics of building Instant Games.

Setting up your app

Create new Facebook App

Even if you already have a web game hosted on, or a mobile game on a mobile application storefront, you'll need to create a new Facebook App for your Instant Game.

1. Set Category to "Games"

Go to the Basic Settings section of your app and make sure to set the category to Games. Save your changes.

2. Add Administrators, Developers and Testers to the App

As Facebook gradually rolls out Instant Games to a wider audience, your game may not be accessible to everyone. To ensure access for all of your developers and testers, add them as Administrators, Developers, or Testers of the Application in the Roles tab of the App Dashboard (see screenshot below). Learn more about roles.

3. Enable Instant Games in the App Dashboard

To enable Instant Games for the app, click the + Add Product button at the bottom of the navigation menu. This will open a list of products available to the app. Find Instant Games on the list and click the Get Started button. This will add an Instant Games section to the menu. Make sure to enable the Use Instant Games toggle. Save your changes before continuing.

4. Additional Game Setup

Additional setup is required for your app:

Main Steps

  1. Quick Start - Build a turn-based tic-tac-toe Instant Game
  2. Game Setup - How to set up your Facebook App to run Instant Games
  3. Bot Setup - Configuring your Messenger bot to use Instant Games features
  4. Testing - Testing your game and setting up conversations between test users
  5. Bundle Config - Configure your game bundles
  6. Launch Checklist - Review the criteria for launching your game