Login Connect with Messenger

With Login Connect with Messenger, users can now opt into communicating with your business through Messenger Platform right from the Facebook Login flow on your mobile app or website. This enables you to deepen your user engagement and provide stronger, more efficient customer care by communicating with more customers on the channel they prefer. Messenger Platform allows your Page to automate your messaging experience so you can that reduce the time your team spends answering basic requests while providing top-notch customer service. To learn more about Messenger Platform, see the Messenger Platform documentation.

How It Works

When a user arrives at a third-party site or mobile app and logs in with Facebook Login, after proceeding with the standard login flow, they will see a screen inviting them to allow the business to contact them via Messenger to provide offers, support, etc.

If the user opts-in to receiving communications from the business in Messenger, the business has 24 hours from the time of the user’s opt-in to send the initial message to the user via Messenger Platform. The messaging experience, including all follow-up messages from the business, will need to comply with our Developer Policies, including our Developer Documentation for Messenger Platform, and must be reviewed through our app review process below before going live.

Before you start

Your Login Connect with Messenger experience will need to be submitted for App Review requesting user_messenger_contact permission as well as pages_messaging permission if the messaging app does not currently have them granted. Before submitting your app experience for App Review, you’ll need the following:

  • Business verification.

  • An app of the Consumer or Business app type, with Facebook Login configured, that requests the user_messenger_contact permission through App Review.

  • A public Facebook Page that represents the website or entity that uses Facebook Login to request user opt-in to messaging.

  • Ensure the Page has granted pages_messaging permission to an app with the Messenger Product configured. This can be the same as the Facebook Login app or a separate app. If using the same app for login and messaging and it doesn’t have pages_messaging granted already, you can request pages_messaging in the same review.

  • Verify your app complies with the requirements for App Review and the requirements outlined below.

For the purposes of app review testing only, your Login Connect with Messenger experience must send a message to the user within 30 seconds of user opt-in so we can test your integration in a timely way. If your Login Connect with Messenger experience is approved and goes live, it is sufficient if you send a message to the user within 24 hours from the time the user opted in to being contacted by your business on Messenger, as described below under ‘Requirements for using Login Connect with Messenger’.

In your submission for App Review provide detailed description for each section and try to be as specific as possible. You can check a submission guide for App Review and a sample submission for a pages_messaging permission. Before you submit your app for App Review, take a moment to review some of the most common mistakes that can lead to requests for additional information or rejection.

Requirements for using Login Connect with Messenger

Before you submit your Login Connect with Messenger experience to app review, as well as when your experience is live, it must comply with the following:

  • The Facebook Login integration on your website must function properly.

  • After a user logs in using Facebook Login on your website, there must be a clear request for the user to opt-in to being contacted by your business on Messenger.

  • You must send one message to the user within 24 hours from the time the user opted in to being contacted by your business on Messenger. You cannot use Message Tags to send the initial message to the user.

  • Your messaging experience must comply with all applicable Developer Policies and Developer Technical Documentation relating to Messenger Platform (including the requirements on this page). This includes restrictions on when you may message users more than 24 hours since the last user-initiated contact.

  • You must promptly respect all requests (on or off Messenger) by people to block, discontinue, or otherwise opt out of the messaging functionality.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your use of Login Connect with Messenger complies with all applicable laws, including those relating to privacy of users and their information.

Getting Started

Explore the Login Connect With Messenger from this test sample.

Check out the sample implementation for Login Connect With Messenger

Getting started on the Login Connect With Messenger is easy. You can deploy a fully functional experience within 30 minutes. By the end, your integration can enable test users to opt in through the Facebook Login Connect experience to be contacted by your business over Messenger. You will then receive an automated message from your page after the opt-in.
Try it Now

For step-by-step instructions and sample code for implemening Login Connect, see Implemening Login Connect with Messenger.

You can also watch Technical Deepdive on how to set up Login Connect with Messenger.