Messenger Platform Sample Submission

Let's say you have a Facebook Page for your party planning business. You want to allow people to interactively ask questions so you can help them plan their parties, so you create a Messenger app (using the Messenger Platform connected to the Page. The app provides automated replies in response to messages. This example Messenger app needs the pages_messaging permission.

We assume that you've read the permission's description, our Facebook Platform Terms, Developer Policies, and you have verified that your app uses data in an approved manner. Your app is now ready for public release, so you begin the App Review process.

Before You Start

Before you begin your App Review submission, you fulfill the requirements and perform the preliminary steps in Submitting Your Messenger Bot.

Adding Permissions

You sign into your app dashboard, click App Review, then click Permissions and Features.

Your app needs the pages_messaging permission, so you use the search field to locate and add it to your submission.

Describing Data Usage

Now you explain how you will use the data that the pages_messaging permission allows your app to access. You click Requests, then the continue icon in the Tell us how you'll use pages_messaging row.

Provide a general description of what your app does, explaining how the pages_messaging permission will provide value to your app users.

You enter the following description in the Tell Us Why You Are Requesting pages_messaging section:

"Open my Messenger bot by clicking the "Chat Now" button on my party planning company's Page. This app provides helpful, personalized information for people trying to plan parties. It uses the Messenger Quick Reply mechanism to ask for the user's location so we can give useful information about nearby party venues and similar questions. In our in-person interactions with customers, we have found what works best is building a personal relationship. Birthdays and other celebrations are very personal events. Customers will appreciate having the Party Chat Bot added to our Page so we can approximate this in-person relationship as closely as possible. To test the Amazon link in the chat, use test_user with password 1234."

Provide any instructions that we will need to thoroughly test your Messenger app, including instructions for how to start the app in the Test and reproduce the functionality of your integration section. A tester will need to log in to an Amazon account during the chat, so you also provide login credentials we can use.

Since your bot provides automated responses, the App Review submission needs to provide messages and responses that we can use to test the bot. List the messages that the tester can send to the bot, and list example responses that the bot sends back.

Example MessagesAutomated Reply

Need help planning my party

Good morning / afternoon / evening. I will be happy to help you. Who is the party for? Buttons: 0 - 5 year old; 6 - 10 year old; Preteen/Teen; Adult.

(Button click)

OK, got it. You're planning a party for a young child / kid / teenager / adult. If you don't mind my asking, what is your budget?

(Monetary amount from previous message)

OK, got it. What's the first thing you need help with?


Try our Invitation Designer app for iPhone or Android. (Links)

What's the most popular party location?

Please share your location: (Map appears for Quick Reply).

In your area, {Party Party Galore / Ludwig's Laser Tag / Dave and Buster's} is the most popular place to hold a party for {young kids / teenagers / adults over 21}.

I need ideas for activities

Our favorite resource for all ages is the book Fun Party Crafts for Fun Party Guests. (Linked to Amazon)

OK, thanks, bye

Enjoy your special day. Try our Party Games app for iPhone or Android.

Uploading a Screen Recording

In the Tell Us Why You Are Requesting user_photos section, you upload a short, 1-minute screen recording of a user signing into your app, and sending and recieving messages.

You upload the following screen recording and click Save.

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You've supplied everything we need to verify that your app uses the pages_messaging permission in an approved manner, so you click Submit For Review.