Common Mistakes

Before you submit your app for App Review, take a moment to review some of the most common mistakes that can lead to requests for additional information or rejection.

Your app is inaccessible

We test all submitted apps to verify that they comply with our terms and policies and that they use the requested permissions and features in compliance with their allowed usages.

If we can't access your app for any reason, your entire submission will be rejected, so make sure your app is working and is publicly accessible before submitting.

A screen recording of a permission or feature is missing

Your submission must include screen recordings that demonstrate an app user using functionality that requires each of the permissions and features in your submission. If your submission does not include a screen recording that demonstrate a specific permission or feature being used, your app will not be approved for that permission or feature.

You're still developing your app

Only submit for review when you have completed app development and your app is ready to be used by end users. If your app appears incomplete or that you are still making changes to it, your submission will be rejected.

You are requesting a permission or feature you might need later

Only request permissions and features that your app currently needs. If you plan on releasing a new version of your app later that will require new permissions and features, do not include them in your current submission. Instead, request them in a new submission after you have completed development of the new version of your app.

Facebook Login is not working or can't be located

If your app users can log into your app using Facebook Login, we will attempt to locate Facebook Login and log into your app. If we are unable to locate Facebook Login, or are unable to log into your app with Facebook Login, your entire submission will be rejected.

You used a fake account

Fake accounts violate our terms and policies, so if you created a fake Facebook account and included its login details in your submission, your entire submission will be rejected.

If you want us to test your app with a specific user, create a test user instead and include the test user's credentials in your submission and advise us to use it when testing.