Business Management APIs

Use the Business Management APIs to create and maintain a business' organic and paid presence on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp —some of these functions can also be performed on Facebook's Business Manager UI.

Common Use Cases

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Business Manager API

Connect business assets to facilitate permission management, run campaigns on behalf of another company, create ad accounts, and assign credit to buy ads.

System Users

System users represent servers making API calls to assets owned or managed by a Business Manager.

Business Asset Management

Add, remove, or query the relationship between a business and its assets, and to manage business assets and access to them.

Creative Asset Management

Create folders to store and share ad creatives between your business and others. This API is under limited availability.

2-Tier Business Manager Solution

The 2-tier Business Manager solution is a scalable solution for a Business Manager to create and manage child businesses, and allows you to: create and delete hundreds or thousands of small Business Managers.

See Also

  • Marketing API: Businesses can use the Marketing APIs to advertise on Facebook.
  • Graph API: The primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph.