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Help brands close more business with Click-to-Message + Call Prompt

October 11, 2023ByTrevor Peterson

Today Meta is announcing the general availability of the Click-to-Message + Call Prompt ad product. This is Meta’s first ad product to drive Messenger calls from consumers to a brand’s Facebook page. This product enables brands to target their best prospects at the beginning of a Messenger conversation with the opportunity to receive a brand’s highest level of service, build trust and convert more prospects faster than with messaging alone.

For Partners to Enable the Click-to-Message + Call Prompt ad product

Partners that currently support Click-to-Message ad creation via Meta’s Marketing API need only update the value of the "page_welcome_message" field. This field now accepts additional parameters necessary to enable the call prompt. To create a Click-to-message + Call Prompt ad provide the following values for the "page_welcome_message" parameter:

"page_welcome_message": {
    "landing_screen_type": "call_prompt", // Newly added
    "media_type": "text",
    "text_format": {
      "message": {
        "text": "Hi {{user_first_name}}! Please let us know how we can help you.",
        "call_prompt_data": { // Newly added
          "call_prompt_message": "You can give us a call for more information."

This JSON object includes the following key-value pairs:

  1. "landing_screen_type": Set this to "call_prompt" to enable the call prompt functionality.
  2. "call_prompt_data": This field contains the call prompt message. Customize the "call_prompt_message" value to provide the desired call-to-action text for the call prompt.

These two parameters are required for creating a call prompt ad.

Finally, update the UI/UX in your solution as applicable to enable your customers to request the creation of the CTM Call + Prompt ad type and specify the additional information required to create an ad.

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