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Announcing the Facebook Developer Community Forum

April 30, 2019ByGary Fitzpatrick

Today we're announcing the launch of the Facebook Developer Community Forum designed for use by developers building tools and experiences using our platform. The Facebook Developer Community Forum is built with developers in mind. The forum is available for developers to ask and answer questions relating to apps and app development on Facebook. We believe that our developers understand Facebook Platform as well as anybody and we want to foster and encourage a community where people can utilize their acquired expertise, help support one another overcome mutual challenges.

Using the Facebook Developer Community Forum will be familiar to those who have used similar forum websites. We wanted to create a space that feels familiar, but one that deeply and uniquely connects our developer community to each other and to essential documentation and other support tools.

Landing Page

When arriving at the Developer Community Forum you will find useful features like a search bar which will allow you to search for questions similar to your own, as well as a list of some of the most recently asked questions. Those inclined to answer questions will be able to filter the list by “Unanswered” and respond to questions, or create a new question. We also provide a brief community profile overview, including a short summary of your activity within the forum in addition to a list of filtering categories which allow you to view questions related to a specific topic, or product or API feature you are working with.

Points & Badging

As valued members of the Developer Community we want recognize the contribution you've made helping other developers and growing our community. This will be done via a points and badging system. Your community profile displays points you have received, earned through various interactions completed such as, upvoting answers & posts, providing your own answers to posts and having one of your answers selected as the correct answer.

Starting today, if you connect to the Developer Community Forum at any time before May 15th, 2019 you will be eligible to receive the “Early Adopter” badge. Once you start asking and answering questions you will also be eligible to receive additional badges!

Creating a Question

Creating a question is easy! First, click on the “Ask a Question” button. From here, all you need to do is choose a category for your question, which is generally the API you are using, then fill out your question and your description. While typing you will see related questions which may already have the answer you're looking for. One cool feature is that all questions support markdown, meaning that you can style your question content for easy readability.

Viewing & Answering Questions

Answering questions is similar to creating a question. You simply open the question you want to answer, type your response and click “Post Answer”. People have the ability to upvote your answer which may result in its higher ranking over other answers. If the question creator is happy with your answer they can select it, which will keep it permanently at the top of the list. If the question you're viewing happens to also be one you are seeking an answer to, just click the “Follow” button to be update when answers are added.

The Facebook Developer Community Forum is now open to Facebook Platform Developers. We welcome and encourage all developers to explore the forum, and help grow it into a resource that helps support everyone. Start asking, answering questions and be recognized for your efforts.