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Launch of Instagram Basic Display API

October 15, 2019ByRuud Visser

March 30, 2020 Update: We understand these are challenging times for our developer community, so we are postponing disabling the Instagram Legacy API Platform by 90 days to June 29, 2020. Remaining endpoints on the Legacy API will no longer be available after this date and your app’s users may lose functionality. We urge you to migrate to the Instagram Basic Display API without delay so that Instagram users of your app have time to transition as well. Please see this blog post for tips on getting through our App Review process.

Starting today, we are migrating the final permission from the Instagram Legacy API Platform (“Basic Permission”) onto Facebook Graph API (“Basic Display API”). This tool provides people with the option to import photos from Instagram, connect to Instagram profiles and more. With this migration, the Basic Permission for Instagram Legacy API Platform will be deprecated on March 2, 2020.

Changes to the API

We have been working to create an API that enables appropriate consumer use-cases, while protecting user privacy and safety. To this end, we have made the following updates

  • Introduced new features to enable users to decide what information they share, and to revoke access to apps through the Instagram mobile app.
  • Separated profile and media information into two distinct permissions to apply for. Please see the technical documentation for details on this feature and its intended uses. The use of this feature is also governed by Instagram's Terms of Use and Platform Policies.
  • Deprecated a number of data fields such as location data and follower counts to minimize data exposure and ensure safety and privacy on our API. Supported fields can be found in developer documentation here.


  • The Instagram Basic Display API is designed to support consumer use cases for individuals with personal accounts. Businesses and creators using tools for comment moderation, insights, and planning and posting content should be directed to authenticate using the Instagram Business Basic Permission on the Instagram Graph API.
  • While this has some similar functionality to “Facebook Login,” we have not built tools to support these use cases on the Instagram Basic Display API. Developers looking for a secure, fast, and convenient way to have users log in to their apps should continue utilizing the Facebook Login API.

To learn more

Please check our developer documentation here.