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Instagram Product Tagging Updates for the Developer Community

April 27, 2023ByJas Shou

Beginning August 10, 2023, some businesses without checkout-enabled Shops on Facebook and Instagram will no longer be able to tag their products via the Content Publishing API. This will impact both API and native interfaces, and will remove tags to products from previous posts. Customers will still be able to tag products from Shops with checkout on Facebook and Instagram enabled.

Deprecation will happen in some markets beginning August 10, 2023. After this date, some users will receive an error when attempting to tag an ineligible product, and impacted product tags on previous posts will not be returned from the API endpoint. We recommend partners check a user’s eligibility by this date to determine whether they can still tag products in published content. Any required updates are detailed here. Your U.S. customers can explore how to upgrade their Shops to checkout with Facebook or Instagram here.

View the changes happening specific to each region:

To learn more about these changes, please visit our Help Center.