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Get started with the Reels Publishing APIs in Minutes with Postman

March 24, 2023ByAlex Enriquez

Starting today, Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels can now be published using our Graph API via Postman API Platform, the world’s leading web-based platform for developers to design, build, test and iterate on their APIs. a web-based platform for developers to design, build, test and iterate on their APIs.

This collaboration with the Postman team will allow you to automate your Reels Publishing workflow or facilitate posting Reels on volume. Postman now has more than 25 million registered users, and we’re excited to leverage the power of the API platform to share our API with developers via the Postman Public API Network—where you can discover and explore APIs in a couple of clicks.With more than 20 million registered users, we’re excited to bring the power of the Postman platform to developers.

Reels Publishing APIs Overview

You can now publish Reels using our Graph API, which contains endpoints to interact on both Facebook and Instagram. On the Facebook side, the Publishing API is a standalone endpoint which allows you to publish Reels into Pages. Instagram uses the Content Publishing API, a method to publish images, videos and Reels on Business Accounts.

Keep in mind that even if both platforms have Reels, the media files may have different format specifications that can be found here:

Get Started in minutes

Postman’s ‘environment variables’ functionality will help you comprehend the flow of our Publishing APIs in a short amount of time. You’ll only need to fork the Collection and Environment you want to test, fill the required variables and you’re good to go. Both elements will live in your local workspace and you’ll be able to fetch updates as soon as we release them at Meta’s Postman public workspace.

Dive into the collection now!

Using the Facebook and Instagram Postman Collections will provide a way of seeing documentation right next to the actual API calls, creating a user-friendly environment to onboard your platform to the Graph API. You can start using the collection by accessing our Postman Workspace for Reels Publishing APIs on Instagram and Facebook.