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Observations from OC6

October 7, 2019ByKonstantinos Papamiltiadis

The team I am a part of is focused on supporting developers, startups and technology businesses all around the world. Looking for opportunities to support innovation drives a lot my ambition and that of our team. One of our annual conferences is F8. This moment has a special place in my heart as it presents an opportunity for us to connect with developers on our platforms and get a closer view into all the innovative work.

In parallel, I have been closely following and developing a growing interest in the technologies and platforms of the future. Oculus Connect (OC) is a great opportunity to get inspired and connect with the developers who are embracing these future technologies in an effort to build amazing experiences for people.

I was privileged to attend OC6 this year and participate in a “speed mentoring session” where I got to interact with a number of innovators who are going beyond games and building experiences on the Oculus platform that have impactful use cases. It was very apparent to me that the time for Virtual Reality (VR) for everyone is now. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of this platform.

There is an interplay between community and education that helps drive innovation, all of these being equally important to drive advancement and adoption of technology. Let me share more on what these mean and how they are related to my two main takeaways from OC6:

  1. Community. From desktops to mobile phones, most computing platforms have historically been appealing to game developers. Eventually, as these platforms matured, they proved invaluable for more utility and social based experiences. And I see this same trend with VR. While VR can be considered as an emerging platform, it already plays a prominent role in enabling a sense of community for both the developers and the consumers of this technology. I am extremely bullish that we will see beautifully designed and financially viable consumer applications on VR that go beyond games sooner than any other computing platform. The community of architects, 3D graphic designers, medical and meditation professionals I met during OC6 was small but mighty in their commitment towards building experiences that leverage VR. I have deep gratitude towards them for taking the plunge and making an investment in this space.
  2. Fostering Innovation. In speaking with several innovators at the conference — those who are still in the very early days and can’t raise money from traditional venture capital — I came to realize the importance of angel investors. By that I mean, parents, wives, husbands, those we call significant others and other supporters - the real angel investors that we hardly ever talk about. As a new parent myself, I aspire to get to a place where my daughter will have access to adequate resources to explore her dreams and experiment with the yet-to-be created technologies of the future. Investing in education and creating sources of capital are important - but in order to truly foster innovation, you have to create a rich talent pool of an indispensable asset: people. So this is my shoutout to the parents, wives, husbands, partners and other cheerleaders that are committed to all the innovators in their family. I would not be overstating if I said that they are supporting all these explorations out of pure love and purpose and from that basis springs greatness.

I have high hopes for what this community of innovators will create in the next 12 months. My hope is to see more of them on stage at OC7 talking about their amazing experience building on this platform. In the meantime, we hope to see you at one of our local events and look forward to connecting with you at a developer circle.