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Additional Questions Added to Data Protection Assessment

February 15, 2024ByZoë Efrus

As previously announced in October 2023, as part of Meta’s commitment to protecting people’s privacy, we update the Data Protection Assessment continuously in line with current privacy and security practices.

This month (February 2024), we’ll be enhancing the Data Protection Assessment questionnaire by adding questions related to personnel security practices, audit logging, and security monitoring. We expect these additional questions will provide Meta with the information we need to evaluate your assessment promptly, while minimizing requests for additional information from you.

If you are an admin of an app that requests data from users (for some apps this is called advanced access), you may be required to complete this assessment and should prepare to meet these new requirements. The questionnaire content can be found here. For a step by step guide to answering these new questions, please visit this link.

We appreciate your commitment to protecting people's privacy on our platform.