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Introducing WhatsApp verification codes for Account Kit

April 30, 2019ByCalvin Mak

We're releasing the SDK to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit for iOS and Android. Developers can now give people the option to use WhatsApp to send verification codes as an alternative to SMS for phone number login. This has been available on the web SDK since late 2018. Account Kit helps you grow your app or website by giving people a choice to sign in with their phone number or email address without the need for a password.

WhatsApp is a reliable alternative for phone verification, giving people more options to use their preferred messaging platform, and with this update, developers can now also disable SMS as a verification option on the initial login screen.

Updates to Facebook Analytics

We're also adding two new Account Kit events and parameters features to Facebook Analytics:

  • New event: login_confirmation_view to see when people see the confirmation view to type in their verification code.
  • New parameter: notification_type to login_start and login_confirmation_view to see how people are logging in.

These new events and parameters are logged automatically and do not require additional configuration.

About Account Kit

Download the Account Kit/WhatsApp SDK for iOS, Android, or JavaScript (web) to get started today.