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Instagram Graph API Launches and Instagram API Platform Deprecation

January 30, 2018ByRavi Gummadi

Starting today (January 30), we are launching three new features on the Instagram Graph API designed to help businesses better manage their organic presence on Instagram. As part of our API changes, we will also be deprecating the older Instagram API Platform over the next two years beginning on July 31, 2018. Please see the full summary below.

Instagram Graph API: Features

The following features are now available for Instagram business profiles:

Content Publishing Beta [NEW] - Available to Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners only. Post an image to Feed with or without a caption.

Business Discovery [NEW] - Discover and read the profile info and media of other business profiles.

Mentions [NEW] - Read public media that a business has been photo tagged or @mentioned in. Post comments on behalf of a business, on media in which it has been @mentioned.

Insights - Help businesses access and analyze valuable metrics about their own Instagram business profile. Enable them to understand and optimize the performance of their organic content on Instagram.

Comment Moderation - Drive interactions at scale. Enable businesses to more efficiently interact with their audience through comments under their media on Instagram.

Future updates on the Instagram Graph API will include:

Support for Non-Business Profiles [FUTURE]: Basic permissioning for non-business profiles will be supported in early 2019.

To find out more about the new Instagram Graph API features, check out the documentation.

Instagram API Platform: Deprecation

We will be deprecating the older Instagram API Platform in three phases with complete deprecation occurring in early 2020.

The following will be available until July 31, 2018:

  • Follower List - to read the list of followers and followed-by users
  • Relationships - to follow and unfollow accounts on a user’s behalf
  • Commenting on Public Content - to post and delete comments on a user’s behalf on public media

The following will be available until December 11, 2018:

  • Commenting - to post and delete comments on a user’s behalf on owned media
  • Public Content - to read any public profile info and media on a user’s behalf
  • Likes - to like and unlike media on a user’s behalf
  • Subscriptions - to receive notifications when media is posted

The following will be available until early 2020:

  • Basic - to read a user’s profile info and media

If your application supports Instagram business profile users, we highly encourage you to begin building on the Instagram Graph API immediately if you have not done so already.

You can post questions about these updates at the Instagram Graph API Launch Q&A event on the Facebook Developer Community group, and we will answer questions until February 9, 2018.

Facebook Graph API Update

Note that the Facebook Graph API just released an update about new features. Read their blog for details.