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Introducing Graph API v2.12

January 30, 2018ByKyle Minshall

Includes updated info on Event and Groups API Access

In the newest Graph API (v2.12), we're making updates to various Graph API endpoints including Pages, Events and Groups APIs, and Product Catalogs.

All updates described below, except for the changes to Pages Webhooks, are 90-day breaking changes, which means that they will be limited to this release for 90 days. After 90 days they will affect all versions, regardless of whether or not you have upgraded. The Pages Webhooks changes are limited to this and future releases.

Page Insights

We're modifying how Page and Post impressions are categorized. Now this data will be broken down by total, paid and organic, with organic broken down further between viral and non-viral. The paid/non-paid breakdown is deprecated. This change applies to calling GET /{page-id}/insights and GET /{post_id}/insights for page impression and post impressions.

We're also making adjustments to the categorization of Like and Unlike sources. The new categories will now be consistent across UI, API, and Export. Detail on the new categories can be found in the changelog.

Pages API Updates

We've restructured our Pages Webhooks fields for Workplace mentions, replacing sender_name and sender_id with a single from property in feed subscriptions. This aligns with the data format change introduced in v.2.11. Existing code in Graph API versions prior to v2.12 will continue to work until January 30, 2020.

Also, the source field for videos and video posts on a Page can now be accessed only by users with a Page access token or a User access token of one of the Page roles. Calls made on behalf of users who do not have a Page role will not include this field in the response. Affected APIs are GET /{video-id}, GET /{post-id}, GET {page-id}/posts, GET {page-id}/feed, and GET {page-id}/videos.

Event and Groups API Access

Event APIs now require an access token for an admin of the event. Group APIs now require an access token for an admin of the group for most endpoints. In the coming weeks we will introduce an update for Groups APIs: apps without an access token for a group admin may still access these endpoints, but user IDs and names will not be included. See the changelog for details.

Marketing API Update

We've made updates to product catalog permissions in the Marketing API. For details please refer to the Marketing API blog.

Instagram API Update

We've made some updates to the Instagram API. Read the blog post for more details.

Other Resources

For a full list of the Graph API v2.12 updates, please read our changelog. Don't forget to use the API Upgrade Tool to find out if your app will be impacted by any version changes. Check to see how much longer we will be supporting the version of the Graph API you are running.

You can post questions about these updates at an event on our Facebook Developer Community page, and we will answer questions between February 6-9, 2018.

You can expect the next Graph API release in mid-2018, and, as always, we look forward to connecting with you through the Facebook Developer Community Group.