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Subscriptions now available

August 8, 2012ByYegna Parasuram

Today we're making subscriptions available to all developers with apps on as a new way for you to grow your business with Facebook. Announced in June, subscriptions helps you establish a recurring revenue stream and offer updated content or premium experiences for a monthly fee.

Beta partners such as Kixeye, Playdom and Zynga are testing subscriptions across various games. For an example of subscriptions, check out Playdom's Gardens of Time.

Offering subscriptions in your app

The subscriptions feature allows you to set prices based on local currency (ex: Japanese yen, British pound, etc.) and offer different levels of subscriptions. Additionally, you can choose whether to offer a free trial and for how long.

People can pay for subscriptions with a credit card or PayPal account, and they can cancel from their Facebook payment settings. We also recommend that you provide a cancel option from within your app.

If you're offering both subscriptions and in-app payments, make sure it's clear to users why you have both. For example, you might offer a monthly subscription for energy or supplies and sell vanity items through in-app purchases.

To get started with subscriptions, read our documentation.

Using the new payments reporting API for subscriptions

As we announced this week, we launched a new payments reporting API so you can download daily reports of transaction data. You will need to use the API to download your subscriptions data, such as purchases and refunds. Learn more about how to integrate the new API and interpret reports in our documentation.