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New Features to Mobile App Install Ads

December 18, 2012ByDeborah Liu

Today we are happy to announce some updates to mobile app install ads to improve the experience people and developers have when viewing and creating their ads. We launched this product a few months ago in the app dashboard, power editor, and ads API as an effective way to drive installs to your native mobile apps.

1. Customize your ad creative

Now, you will be able to customize your ad creative directly from the the app dashboard, power editor, or the ads API. From the promote tab in the app dashboard, click on "customize ad," upload an image, and add a description that's most relevant to the people you want to reach with the ad. People with the latest Facebook app will also see a larger, more engaging image for mobile app install ads.

Go to the online tutorial for step-by-step guidance on how to set up your app, customize your creative, and run mobile app install ads.

2. Install apps without leaving Facebook

Mobile app install ads drive installs by taking people directly to the App Store or Google Play. Now, people on iOS 6 can install an app without leaving their Facebook experience. When they click on an ad, the App Store will appear in another dialog box. After installing the app, they will be able to continue where they left off on Facebook.

3. Access app installs by demographic

Lastly, we have updated app insights to provide demographic breakdown of all app installs on mobile. For example, if you are using our latest SDK, you can now measure total new installs by age, gender, and country. All information is aggregate and anonymous, and developers will be able to get a better understanding of the demographic of people that use their app. To measure total installs for your app or the effectiveness of mobile app install ads, you need to integrate your app with Facebook's latest SDK for iOS and Android.

We believe that mobile app install ads are great for apps with a high lifetime value of a user. Since launch, a broad range of apps such as Spotify, Hotel Tonight, Fab, and Kabam’s The Hobbit have achieved success getting high-quality installs through mobile app install ads. But we will continue to make updates to the product that improve the experience for people and developers using the ad.

To learn more about mobile app install ads and our other ad products, check out our recently launched page focused on products for developers to promote their app. You can get access to tools and tutorials on our ad products most relevant for your business objectives.