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New payments reporting API

August 6, 2012ByYanhua Mao

We’re launching a payments reporting API that allows you to download daily reports of transaction data, instead of receiving that information via email. This new reporting system is more reliable, secure, and flexible.

  • Reliability. The payments reporting API is more reliable and has built-in checks to make sure you receive all the data.
  • Security. The payments reporting API can be downloaded securely via https using an OAuth-secured HTTP interface.
  • Flexibility. Our new report is formatted as a structured csv file, instead of the former flat tsv file. With this format, your integration of the data will continue to work regardless of what fields we may add in the future. Additionally, the API simplifies your work flow. Multiple people in your company can download the report, instead of only one person receiving the data via email.

You can start using this API right away and receive the same data you get today about your users' purchases in the new format. This API will also support our transition to local currency later this year.

For additional details on how to implement this API as well as interpret the format please refer to our documentation.

Note: In accordance with our breaking change policy, we will no longer support the email reporting system after 90 days. We have updated the Platform Roadmap to reflect this change.

Please provide thoughts and feedback in the comments below.