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Developer Spotlight: SoundCloud

December 19, 2012ByStephane Crozatier

SoundCloud is a social app that gives people unprecedented access to the world’s largest community of music and audio creators. SoundCloud allows everyone to discover original music and audio, connect with friends and share their sounds with the world. In addition, sound creators can use the platform to instantly record, upload and share sounds across the internet, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.

People have shared over 500 million actions back to their timelines since January 2012, and the SoundCloud platform reaches over 180 million people every month.

"We've quickly come to consider Open Graph a key feature that provides SoundCloud with the information we need to make it the rich, social sound experience we envisioned from day one. Open Graph allows our community to deepen their social connections by sharing their sounds with friends and family." - Matas Petrikas, Product Manager, SoundCloud.

What SoundCloud does well

  • Putting social at its heart. Login with Facebook is at the center of the sign-up user experience, making it easy for people to connect with their friends but also lets them find music and audio creators they’ve ‘liked’ so that they can follow them on SoundCloud as well. In return, Login with Facebook helps creators build and reach their audience and the wider SoundCloud community.

  • Giving people control. SoundCloud gives people full control of their Open Graph experience through simple privacy setting options, allowing people to opt in to or out of sharing specific actions.

  • Making viral easy. SoundCloud optimizes opportunities to take content viral by encouraging users to follow their existing friends and find music and audio creators they’ve ‘liked’ so that they can follow them on SoundCloud as well.