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Partner Recognition

We're confident that your teams can have Instant Articles feeds developed and live quickly.

Recently we observed that partners including the Washington Post, USA Today and others have developed, tested, submitted, and launched their Instant Articles RSS feed in as few as one to three weeks. This is significantly faster than we originally projected, and to support our partners' efforts to go live quicker, we have improved Documentation, expanded the development toolset, and staffed up our Direct Support team for quicker response times to questions and issues.

We're excited to see readers engaging with more Instant Articles and hope that these improvements help you optimize development time and launch your feeds live sooner!

How is your team's feed development going?

Check in with your Instant Articles team and your Facebook partner manager, and let them know when you estimate you will be ready to submit an RSS feed to us for review. We want to partner with you to help you move quickly.