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Monetize Articles in 3 Steps

November 15, 2016ByWill Bleakley

For our latest publisher case study we talked to Rodale Inc., the publisher behind such magazines as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World. After an initial test with Men’s Health, the company saw that in addition to an improved reading experience, Instant Articles created self-sustaining revenue streams on top of its existing print and digital properties.

The company launched the rest of its six publications with Instant Articles and now employs a strategic combination of three methods of monetization.

  1. Sell Ads Directly, Keep 100% of the Revenue
  2. Backfill Unsold Inventory Using Audience Network
  3. Leverage the Benefits of Instant Articles into Better Branded Content

We’ll take you through Rodale’s current strategy for monetization and describe how it can be applied to your own publication.

Rodale Inc: How to Monetize Instant Articles in 3 Steps